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New Beginnings


In this exhibition the residents talk about their home; how they got here, why they love it and examine the beauty of the vibrant natural landscape. As a group we visited other exhibitions and enjoyed talking to other artists about their work.

Natural World

New Beginnings

New Beginnings






Bridget spent 8 weeks with the Purbeck Workshop teaching her art. She provided us with invaluable inspiration and creativity and her sessions were always fun with great feedback from the participants. 

(Creative escapes for those touched by cancer)


Brilliant! Thanks for all your help, Bridget, both at our art sessions and fantastic curating of our exhibition this weekend. Look forward to working with you again in the future.


www.thelivingtree.org.uk(Living well and beyond cancer)

From a small social group of residents comes work that is fun, vibrant andthought provoking. The residents at Culliford are inspiring and still have new experiences and remember times when something new changed their lives.

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The previous exhibition by Culliford House in Dorchester was a great success, with many families coming and enjoying the Art, food and chatter. The residents love a chance to talk about their work and meet new people. Don't miss our their next Exhibition.

New Beginnings

Etchings and prints are mapped out around the house, in cupboards, on shelves, mixed up with shoes and lying around with the clutter. Portraits of family and friends are moved around the space in my house, in the same way as they flow through my life.

The exhibition conjures up a sense of the personal, the impersonal, time moving quickly, andtime frozen in history. 

‘It’s like one word instead of a sentence… it's instinctual.’

My first solo exhibition, which was very personal was a show about portraits. Close friends and family, people important to me, but also some self portraits that were confrontational.


I created this structure after investigating fractals in nature. This was as a direct result of really examining the single thread thoughout the natural world that links each object. Cells, trees, the way a river flows or a mountain formation. Each of these share a natural way of 'being'. 


In this exhibition I really started to become interested in Portraiture. Objects were used to add a narrative to each sitter and their portraits are curated so a direct relationship with each other is created. All subjects link to each other through the artist.