What people say......

Jeanette A’Court – Activities Co-Ordinator Culliford House

Being able to provide people with the opportunity to continue with things that they have done before and build on what has been an important part of their lives in the past is crucial. It can be equally important to provide the conditions that allow people to try things that they have never attempted before and which they may have assumed were for others and not for them.

There is increasing recognition of the benefits for everyone of having the chance to take part more actively in the arts and the impact of participation on our physical and mental health and well-being. Many activities, though not all, take place in groups and bring with them social interaction and a sense of inclusion, countering a common aspect of older age – loneliness.

Bridget has been a great motivation in encouraging our residents to flourish. The art sessions have been a great source of motivation where residents have taken pleasure in expressing themselves and for us gain a deeper understanding of those we care for by seeing beyond the basic care needs and appreciate their accomplishments and emotional lives as well. This project has been a great pleasure and privilege to be part of and I hope others will benefit from this experience.


Suzanne K - 5 Star (Facebook page) Bridget has a knack of making you feel comfortable and at ease, whilst building your confidence in what you can achieve. A very relaxed atmosphere socialising with new friends whilst still learning new skills and making some impressive artwork. All together the workshop seems a valuable asset to the community and Bridget's enthusiasm should be bottled and prescribed as a tonic on the NHS!!!!


Lyn K - 5 Star (Facebook page) Bridget offers a welcoming and safe creative space for novices and experienced artists alike. Always fun, always thought provoking..never dull!


Hazel M - 5 Star (Facebook page) I am so thankful and grateful for Bridget's art therapy sessions at the wonderful Purbeck Workshop. It has helped my family so much and given us light when we were feeling in the dark.


The Living Tree – 5 star (Facebook page) Brilliant! Thanks for all your help, Bridget, both at our art sessions and fantastic curating of our exhibition this weekend. Look forward to working with you again in the future.


The Purbeck Workshop - 5 star (Facebook page) Bridget spent 8 weeks with the Purbeck Workshop teaching her art. She provided us with invaluable inspiration and creativity and her sessions were always fun with great feedback from the participants. On behalf of all of the Trustees of the Purbeck Workshop - thanks so much for everything, we hope to see you again soon



Sarah Cooper - Really enjoyed Bridget's latest screen printing workshop. It was fun to work in a relaxed and friendly environment yet create some great stuff to take home. I was really impressed with my results- mainly due to great tuition and encouragement by Bridget Townsend. Thank you for your patience Bridget- do let me know if you have spaces in your next workshop.


Billie - Age 90

Over the years I’ve enjoyed indulging in art projects including painting sets for pantomimes and my own personal projects.

One of my frustrations over recent years has been my impaired vision.

The opportunity to try my hand at art again has allowed me to explore it once again.

I’ve particularly enjoyed the company and laughter of the group and clay work but have found my frustrations ever with me.

Bridget has been very encouraging and I’m certain I will continue to explore art again.


John Stedman – Age 74

Attending the art sessions has been a very enjoyable experience. It has been a lot of fun and I’ve particulary enjoyed the company and seeing other group members work.

I’ve enjoyed drawing from an early age and very proud of my work. I particularly like drawing portraits and animal & floral work.

I will continue to draw every day.


Helen Barritt – Age 94

Attending these art sessions has allowed me to do something purposeful.

I used to enjoy art at school but never continued with it as an interest. I never felt confident which has been my biggest challenge. Also having physical challenges and pain has been one of my biggest frustrations, particularly when gripping.

I feel very happy with what I’ve achieved and enjoyed having a go!


Jessie – Age 91

I was never any good at art at school! I spent most of my life working as a children’s nurse. My interests included crochet & knitting and leisure time was spent walking my dog Tiger.

I’ve enjoyed attending the art sessions and the opportunity to have a laugh each week. I wouldn’t say I was very good because I still can’t draw, but it’s been quite nice!


Barbara – Age 91

Barbara took up painting and drawing in later life of which she has enjoyed. She has kept a collection of floral watercolour paintings which she has done in recent years. Barbara says “she always enjoys using lots of colour to produce lovely pictures”.

Despite all her challenges Barbara continues on a journey to engage in her favourite pastime and has produced some stunning work.