After reaching a distinction in a Fine Art HND, I decided to focus on the ‘community’ and the social intercourse.

I have been running art sessions with the elderly in resident homes and cancer support groups for over 2 years and I am happy to work with any group.



The first part of #artsessionsdorset is a session (1 day) or sessions (1 or 2 hours for a few weeks) in your location. All materials and some stimulating and creative ideas are brought the sessions. Groups should be no more than 12, but ideally less than 10. If members of the group have medical / memory difficulties it is preferable to have a member of staff to help which allows everyone to enjoy the session.

 Members of the group are given creative projects - each project can be completed to varying degrees of complication, so the sessions remain stimulating and challenging to all abilities. The social atmosphere allows members to talk freely about their life experiences, without a focus being ‘on just them’. We work together to create interesting work that also improves their fine motor skills and stimulates their thought processes. The creativity keeps their minds and bodies active, members of the group feel less isolated by their challenges and they form friendships.

 Having small groups means I am able to aid the development of each artist’s work quickly and easily, so no one feels left out.

 The second stage of the service I provide to the group/home is the creation of an ‘event’ at the nursing home/group’s meeting point – This is an exhibition of their work. All invitations and press can be handled by me, although I do expect support :by way of distribution of the invites to friends and family.


This ‘event’ gives the artists something to dress up for and look forward to. It is a perfect opportunity to invite family & friends and creates enthusiasm and further stimulation and motivation while they are making work.  Each event will be a special occasion and allow the artists to talk about their work and engage with people about their thoughts on each other’s work.


I have a Safeguarding Adults – Awareness certificate


Bridget Townsend

Artist/Arts in Health practitioner

Please contact me via
Telephone: 01258 881573
Or through my facebook page:


What creative work will you do?
Printing (Screen print, collagraph and etching), painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, cardmaking, glasspainting, jewellery making (silversmith)



For a start; it's fun!

The artists in the group benefit from improved mental acuity & it has the postive effect of improving their mood.
They are less likely to get depression or feel lonely.
This can lead to less GP visits and a greater sense of connection with others.


The finale of the sessions is an 'event'/ exhibition; this creates a brilliant sense of occasion and helps to energise and add purpose.


"Bridget has been a great motivation in encouraging our residents to flourish. The art sessions have been a great source of motivation where residents have taken pleasure in expressing themselves and for us gain a deeper understanding of those we care for by seeing beyond the basic care needs and appreciate their accomplishments and emotional lives as well. This project has been a great pleasure and privilege to be part of and I hope others will benefit from this experience."

-- Jeanette A’Court – Activities Co-Ordinator Culliford House

An extract from

It is beneficial for a person with Alzheimer's to keep up with activities that they enjoy. Many people benefit from exercising their mind with reading or puzzles. There is evidence that attending sessions to keep mentally active helps (cognitive stimulation). Life story work, in which someone shares their life experiences and makes a personal record, may help with memory, mood and wellbeing. As the dementia worsens, many people enjoy more general reminiscence activities.


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